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Ausinės JBL Endurance Race

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49,68 €
Pristatymo laikas: 1-2 d.d.
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Atsiėmimas Taikos pr. 61 (PC Akropolis), Klaipėda ( Nemokamas )
Atsiėmimas Taikos pr. 39 (PC Aitvaras), Klaipėda ( Nemokamas )
Atsiėmimas Lietuvininkų g. 68, Šilutė ( Nemokamas )
Atsiėmimas Klaipėdos g. 37, Gargždai ( Nemokamas )
Atsiėmimas Senamiesčio a. 1, Plungė ( Nemokamas )
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Ausinės JBL Endurance Race
49,68 €

JBL Endurance Race true wireless active earbuds are always geared up and ready to go. With 30 hours of battery life and a waterproof, dustproof design, they keep you rocking with JBL Pure Bass and all-day comfort. The sturdy, superior fit lets you stay active from the beach to the boardroom with better sealing and stability. Get help from your preferred voice assistant, manage your audio, and make perfect calls with the touch of a button. Or, when you need to hear your surroundings, tune into the world around you with enhanced ambient sound.