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Curler 25mm GA.MA, Chia

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41,27 €
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Curler 25mm GA.MA, Chia
41,27 €

Chia essential oil: nourishes, repairs and fortifies

Elegance chía. Products in this range use the specific nutrients of Chia essential oil, seeds rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamin C, protein and essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3. 

The oil coats the e tube of the curling iron, transmitting a high amount of useful micronutrients to the hair. Its action repairs damaged strands, keeping the ends healthy and preventing frizz.

The diameter of the curling iron (25 mm) is ideal for creating soft curls and natural waves. The 360° swivel cord allows maximum freedom of movement, and thanks to the anti-burn tip, styling can be done safely.

• Quick Heat Reaches temperature in just a few seconds
• Always ideal temperature 220 °C 
• 360° swivel cord 2 m. with hook, maximum convenience of use
• Nano Silver Antibacterial treatment on the tube